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Excellence Cosmetic

Switzerland is a small country that values quality. The reputation of natural beauty products made in Switzerland is spreading all over the world.

Faced with the demands of consumers, natural cosmetics Swiss brands are exploding.

Alena Swiss Excellence works exclusively with highly renowned quality products, and in respect of this choice, Alena Swiss Excellence has the unique opportunity to be the Ambassador of L'AUBALIEU, a whole new generation of cosmetics.


The Original Range Feel the Breath of Nature

-  Science of Nature

-  Formulas with 100% natural 

   origin ingredients

-  Short Line

-  Clean formulas

-  Minimalist formulas (less than 30


-  Highly potent products


Formulations to obtain a global care

- Suitable for all skin types

- Suitable for different ages

- Experience the breath of nature

- Give your skin a boost

- Stimulate your senses from the

  first time you touch the product


Traitements de la peau

The strengths of L'Aubalieu products

- Unique and exclusive combination of active


- Powerful synergistic combination of plants,

  flowers, woods, fruits and algae for a gentle

  and effective action

- Sensoriality developed with respect of the

  ingredients' fragrances delicately enveloped

  by natural notes

- The finesse of the textures

- Good affinity between the ingredients and the

  skin, which ensures rapid, comfortable

  absorption without a greasy    finish and   optimises

  the penetration of the active ingredients

- Proven efficiency

- No chemical preservatives or controversial


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