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Two techniques

Longitudinal Nymphoplasty: This technique consists of removing the excess mucocutaneous layer over a large part of the length of the labia minora, in a crescent shape. The scars are generally invisible. There is very little risk of the sutures coming loose. The contact area of the sutures with the underwear is larger. This technique is faster.

Triangular V-shaped Nymphoplasty: The surgeon reduces the labia minora by removing the excess skin and mucosa at each end of the labia minora in a V-shape. This technique prevents the scar from coming into contact with clothing. Less exposed to friction, there is less risk of infection and healing is faster.

Labioplasty to reduce the labia majora: either by a small liposuction if there is excess fat or the surgeon removes the excess skin.

Labioplasty for the augmentation of the labia minora and majora: When the vaginal lips are too small, or even non-existent, the surgeon grafts fat from the patient. This procedure makes the lips fuller and restores the sensuality of the vulva.
The duration of the operation is 30 to 45 minutes.

Post-operative follow-up 

The nymphoplasty procedure is not very painful.

The absorbable threads disappear spontaneously after 10 to 15 days.

It is possible to feel slight burning when walking.

It is possible to notice a very moderate oedema (swelling) of the vulva in the days following the procedure.

Wearing a skirt is preferable to wearing trousers for the first few days to avoid discomfort when walking.

The patient must be particularly careful with intimate hygiene to avoid problems of infection.

Sexual activity can be resumed after about 4 weeks.

All sports, bathing and swimming are not recommended for 4 weeks.

A few days off work is usually prescribed.


Intimate Surgery


Intimate Surgery

Intimate surgery allows women to correct, embellish or repair their intimacy through short and simple procedures. Currently in full swing, this surgery helps many patients regain their self-confidence and enjoy a more fulfilling sex life.


Nymphoplasty - or labiaplasty - is the most common procedure performed in intimate surgery

Labioplasty to reduce the labia minora: The surgeon removes the superficial layer of the labial mucosa while preserving the original shape of the labia minora.


The result

The result is immediately visible and will be definitive after three months, when the lips have regained their flexibility.

Labioplasty leads to an improvement in sexual relations for the patient and her partner.

Labioplasty undoubtedly improves the self-image and restores self-confidence leading to better intimacy between partners.

Intimate surgery can be performed on: labia minora, labia majora, clitoral bonnet, mount venus, hymen, vaginal laxity.


Nymphoplasty can be completed by a gynaeco-aesthetic approach.

The injection of hyaluronic acid allows for example to rehydrate the vagina and to plump up the labia majora.

No longer feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your sex can have a very positive effect on your self-confidence and sexual fulfilment.


Intimate surgery offers long-term results.

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