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The joy of healthy hair

Bring your hair back to life

Mesotherapy is a technique that is applied with good results to address hair problems and hair loss in particular. In particular, it is useful in reactivating the functioning cycle of the hair follicles.

The application of vitamins improves the condition of the hair, and is ideal for people suffering from the first signs of baldness, who have weakened hair, observing how it loses strength and becomes less abundant. It is also an excellent option to prevent excessive hair loss during seasonal telogen effluvium.

What does hair mesotherapy consist of?

The efficacy of hair mesotherapy lies in its capacity for the progressive release of substances that are applied intradermally (less than 4mm from the surface of the skin).

In the case of application for hair pathologies, the mesotherapy used contains micronutrients (amino acids, vitamins and minerals), as well as synthetic growth factors. In this way, hair thickness is increased and hair loss is prevented.

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