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A real revolution for your image

The new body remodelling

The D-Finitive Pro Radiofrequency treatment is one of the most advanced bipolar radiofrequency technologies, which lands in Otium Clinics as one of our great proposals. Get the benefits of 6 treatments in 1: remodelling, drainage, rejuvenation, tightening, cellulite elimination and restructuring of adipose tissue.

Radiofrequency acts on the subcutaneous fat tissue, which allows the physical transformation of fat, as well as the retraction of collagen and regeneration of fibres, notably improving elasticity.

What is the D-Finitive Pro Radiofrequency treatment like?

By applying electromagnetic discharges through different heads that move over the area to be treated, we combat the accumulation of adipose tissue and promote skin tightening.

In addition, you will receive certain recommendations for the care of the dermis, with special emphasis on sun protection and hydration.




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