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Correction and prevention in a single treatment

The natural regeneration of your skin

Dermapen is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat various skin problems. It is used, on the one hand, to erase wrinkles and expression marks, thanks to the dermo regeneration that is produced by the increase of collagen and elastin; this means that it also serves as a preventive treatment for future wrinkles.

In addition, it is indicated for people with skin lesions that have not responded to other treatments, such as peels or abrasions.

How does Dermapen work?

The Dermapen treatment consists of making microperforations in the dermis that allow the skin to transport up to 80% more nutrients. This favours a natural response due to cell regeneration and the stimulation of collagen in our skin. In this way, it manages to correct:

- Scars of acne or other origin, even in other regions of the body.
- Sun spots
- Wrinkles and expression lines
- Lack of elasticity
- Other aesthetic problems, such as large pores or uneven skin tone.


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