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Un boost de energía para tu mirada cansada

The definitive solution to rejuvenate your eyelids

Achieve excellent results with Dermaplax, an innovative technique based on safe and effective technology that minimises the risks for the patient and avoids the possibility of marks, scars or other unsightliness.

Dermaplax offers the opportunity to correct the problem of drooping eyelids with the use of plasma, eliminating excess skin in the area without the need for surgery. With full recovery of the tissue in just a few days.

How Dermaplax works

The facial treatment that uses plasma to combat blemishes and fine lines on the face and body. The energy used in its electronic device burns all the damaged tissue to make way for new tissue.

It can be used on both face and body, indicated to improve and reduce scars and stretch marks. It is also indicated for the treatment of deep wrinkles, removal of warts and superficial lesions.

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