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The glow effect you need

Nourish your skin

Facial vitamins are the ideal ally to maintain an energetic and full of vitality skin at any age. It is an ideal treatment for both young and mature skin to eliminate the appearance of dull or lacklustre skin, and is also perfect for preventing the first signs of ageing that begin to appear after the age of 30.

The aim of this treatment is not to fill in wrinkles or eliminate them, but to bring luminosity and hydration to the skin to revitalise it.

What does the facial vitamin treatment consist of?

The basis of this treatment is the infiltration of a cocktail composed of vitamins C, B and E, trace elements, nutrients and minerals together with low cross-linking hyaluronic acid, to provide the dermis with nutrition, hydration and luminosity.

In addition to the above, facial vitamins are applied to improve skin texture by acting on small imperfections, such as open pores or small acne marks. Thus, skin elasticity and juiciness are improved so that the face looks younger and more radiant.

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