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Who said perfection doesn't exist?

Proven efficacy, long-lasting results

The non-surgical facial treatment with Vlift Pro tensor threads is an innovative technique to immediately eliminate flaccidity, rejuvenating the face and neck areas immediately.

The mono, or biological, threads are intelligent threads, collagen generators. Their main function is to improve the quality of the skin by redensifying it to prevent and eliminate facial flaccidity. Thus, the facial contour is redefined and the skin is regenerated, obtaining very natural and long-lasting results.

What should you know about the application of tensor threads?

The application of facial threads is painless, and the patient tolerates it perfectly; even so, to avoid discomfort, the doctor numbs the area with a point of anaesthesia, or anaesthetic cream and localised cold.

In addition, as they are antimicrobial and bioabsorbable materials, they do not generate allergic reactions in patients, and their advanced technique allows them to maintain a natural and unforced gesticulation.

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