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The expression of your smile, rejuvenated

Treatment for nasolabial fold wrinkles

Nasolabial folds are one of the first expression lines that appear on the face due to the amount of muscles we have in our mouth and the movements we make when we smile.

They are wrinkles that start on both sides of the nasal wings and continue up to the corners of the mouth, giving our face a sad and tired appearance. Due to various age factors that cause them, such as the erosion of the bone structure, they give rise to other expression lines, as flaccidity appears.

How do we eliminate the signs of age in the nasolabial fold?

By restoring the lost volume to the area in a natural way, tension is produced throughout the skin which helps to attenuate the nasolabial fold and improve the general appearance of our face.

In cases in which, once the structure of the cheekbones has been recovered, the furrows are still very marked, treatment with hyaluronic acid can also be carried out. In this way, the furrow itself is filled directly, as long as we have good projection and support in our cheekbone.

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