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Enhancing your facial harmony

Emphasise your features, give them personality

Jaw marking is a treatment that allows the facial features to be remodelled while improving the appearance of the patient's jaw. This process offers natural results, being an excellent alternative to recover the firmness of the skin, and looking much younger and aesthetic.

This procedure is usually more demanded by male patients who wish to give more shape to the chin and jawline. However, there are also many women who request it, as its purpose is to give the facial oval a more attractive shape.

How is jaw marking achieved?

The action of high-density hyaluronic acid is ideal for giving harmony to the face. Its application through small infiltrations achieves a modification of the shape of the jaw area, which enhances our features in a remarkable way and without the need for surgery.

Its ability to correct retrognathic profiles, i.e. with a very short and oval jaw and a chin that projects too little, is remarkable.

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