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Illuminate your natural beauty

Restore your skin's radiance

Put an end to the dull effect that dulls your skin with the passage of time. Trust in the facial peeling treatment at Otium Clinics, and restore luminosity to your face.

This procedure is ideal for renewing the most superficial layers of the skin, achieving the correction of skin imperfections by smoothing acne marks, wrinkles or blemishes. In addition, it has the advantage of being applicable to almost any skin type, and provides a rejuvenated appearance in a simple intervention.

How does the Chemical Peel treatment work?

The main purpose of this procedure is to renew the superficial layers of the skin. To do this, a series of substances are applied to the skin that penetrate the epithelium, allowing it to regenerate and smoothing out any imperfections.

In a session lasting no more than 30 minutes, we will get the skin to begin the regeneration process, which will last for several days. The patient will be able to observe how their appearance evolves, leaving room for the newer layers, which allow the skin to look smoother and smoother.

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