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Don't hide your great smile

Say goodbye to excess gum

A gummy smile is known as a smile in which there is a greater proportion of gum than teeth, creating a physical characteristic that is considered unaesthetic by the people who have it. An uncomfortable situation but very easy and quick to correct thanks to new techniques.

How is a gummy smile corrected?

It can be treated by preventing the muscles that lift the upper lip of the mouth from showing the gums. This is done by relaxing the musculature through the infiltration of botulinum toxin, an inhibiting substance, which will act at the level of the muscle responsible for the elevation of the upper lip. The procedure is simple, quick and painless.

In this way, we achieve immediate results, rectifying the different situations that cause it: small teeth, overdeveloped upper lip elevator muscle, excess gum, overgrowth of the upper jaw, or wear and tear of the teeth.

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