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Lisposcuplture, also know as lipusuction, is a cosmetic surgery procedure aimed at removing excess fatty areas.

It restores harmony thanks to a spectacular and long-lasting remodelling of the silhouette.

The oval of the face can also be treated with this method, especially the double chin, thanks to a selective suction technology acting on the targeted areas.

Liposculpure is considered as a real miracle method for fat removal.


Surgical procedure


A consultation with the anaesthetist is planned at the latest two days before the operation.

Beforehand, a pre-operative check-up is carried out to ensure that there are no contraindications to the operation.

In order to avoid any problems with the healing process, it is recommended to stop smoking at least one month before and one month after the operation.

It is strictly forbidden to take any medication containing aspirin during the ten days prior to the operation.

No medication containing aspirin should be taken in the ten days before the operation.

Depending on the type of anaesthesia used, you may have to fast for six hours before the operation (no solid or liquid food).


Depending on the work to be performed, liposuction may require local anaesthesia, so-called vigorous anaesthesia (local sub-anaesthesia accompanied by intravenous tranquillisers), or general anaesthesia, or even loco-regional sub-anaesthesia (epidural or spinal).

The anaesthetist and the surgeon will discuss with you which anaesthesia is most suitable.


The volume of the fat mass to be removed determines the hospitalization time which can vary from a few hours for a small operation (local anaesthesia used) to one or two days for a more extensive operation (general anaesthesia used).



The technique used is determined according to each case and the surgeon involved in order to achieve the best results. The usual procedure remains the same.

Short incisions of three or four millimetres are made, usually hidden in a natural groove to remain discreet.

Excess fat is treated superficially as well as deeply: foam cannulas suck out the fat while respecting the nerves and vessels through a regular set of tunnels.

The quality of the result will depend on the quantity of fat cells that are sucked out, depending on the quality of the skin above the treated area.

Once the operation is over, a shaping bandage is applied, sometimes supplemented by a flexible support girdle or a panty.

On average, the operation takes one or two hours. But as it depends on the volume of fat and the quantity of areas to be treated, it can take from twenty minutes to three hours.

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